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Is the future of Transport Electric? ‘The move to electric vehicles is not a silver bullet, according to Professor Tim Schwanen, director of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit.

In the run-up to Glasgow, 10 leading Oxford climate researchers have recorded their concerns and hopes for the November conference, the university writes on its website.

In this second video to be released, Professor Schwanen argues that electrification alone will not make transport compliant with commitments in the Paris Agreement on climate change. He says in the video, ‘For the long term, we need to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles.’

And, he warns that the trend to heavy sports utility vehicles needs to be reversed, while we need to use public transport more and do more ‘active’ travel.

©University of Oxford

Tim’s COP26 ask is: For policymakers to address transport holistically. That means more walking and cycling, more public transport, e-scooters and we need to make sure vehicles are shared and electric subordinate to other, healthier forms of transport.

In later videos, leading Oxford researchers say that, with investment in new technologies and commitment to promises, climate change can be mitigated – if policymakers set the agenda.

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