Today, a group of road builders and asphalt experts paved a section of road with fossil-free asphalt for the first time in the Netherlands. The binder in this so-called Resin Asphalt is hunderd percent organic. It marks an important and major step in the development of bio-asphalt, the road builders say. “With this product, the asphalt of the Dutch road network can be replaced in a future-proof manner over the coming years.” The initiators stated in a press release that resin asphalt contributes to the reduction of fossil raw materials and our efforts to achieve the climate targets.

In Resin Asphalt, bitumen, which is extracted from crude oil, has been replaced by a hunderd percent biological binder. The initiators Mourik InfraNTPVersluys GroepVermeulen Groep en ReintenInfra are proud of the product they have developed.  Esha and Miscancell supply the raw materials. The Dutch Asphalt Knowledge Center is responsible for the research and monitoring of the test surfaces that have been laid.

Elephant grass

The binder contains a blend of organic oils, resin and lignin from the elephant grass species. All components and the mixture have been examined for such factors as health, environment, reusability, material properties and mixing qualities. The adoption of Resin Asphalt will make a significant contribution to our industry’s ambition of working in a climate-neutral way on Dutch roads by 2030, the road builders add.

‘Important step’

Spokesperson Ralph Venema: “The Asphalt Knowledge Center is proud of its shareholders who are continuing to develop asphalt mixtures and contribute to the targets of clients, such as the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. This specific cooperation of the shareholders Mourik Infra, NTP, Versluys Groep, Vermeulen Groep and ReintenInfra has yielded a very important step for the asphalt sector. A wonderful example of how SME companies are taking responsibility.”

The asphalt was applied on two trial sections in the municipalities of Assen and Oude IJsselstreek. These trial sections will be monitored for four years by the Asphalt Knowledge Center, where they will keep an eye on the weathering behavior of the road surface, among other things.

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