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A golden age of increasing investments in Dutch ventures has ended. Our startups and scaleups have raised approximately €1.27 billion in venture capital in the past quarter. That is less than half the capital for Dutch ventures in Q2 2021, when the scene raised a record-breaking equity-capital of €2.48 billion.

This is the outcome of EBITWISE’s Dutch Venture Capital Quarterly, a quarterly analysis of all published investment rounds by startups and scaleups from the Netherlands. (Read the press release here)

Ebit’s open-sourced results show that indeed, as the world-famous startup accelerator Y-Combinator yet identified in May, the funding prospects for ventures are fading due to major global economic setbacks related to the war in Ukraine.

Large investment rounds lag behind

Especially the number of Series A to F deals has decreased. Our previously open-sourced Q1 2022 report includes ten investment rounds that exist of venture capital from €25 million up to €50 million. For Q2, there is none of this kind of deal size.

Thanks to a major €420 mln investment round by Perpetual Next our Dutch venture scene still surpassed the €1 billion mark the past quarter. Other substantial investments were raised by Backbase, Pyramid Analytics, In3, Smart Photonics and TestGorilla.

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