Martin Dinov en Dzera Kaytati, Maaind

LUMO Fund II Seed Capital is investing in neurotechnology startup Maaind. The startup focuses on neuroadaptive machine learning and AI-compatible platform integrations for everyday products and services. LUMO Labs announced the investment in a press release. The amount was not disclosed. 

Maaind is active in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands and has partnerships with several consumer-facing companies. The LUMO Labs funding will be used to solidify these partnerships, attract new partners, and continue research and development of neurotechnology and the AI algorithms behind the Maaind platform. 

Maaind combines and connects third-party smart systems and wearables. Maaind’s algorithms measure the emotional and stress state from speech analysis, wearables, and the environment, then use the data to offer suggestions and recommendations for users tailored to their psychological or physical state.

For example, the platform can improve the mood or energy level of drivers and passengers in cars, providing music recommendations or breathing exercises. This is the core concept behind “neuroadaptive” algorithms and one of the key innovations in Maaind’s platform.

“The possible integrations with Maaind’s unique neuroadaptive AI platform are countless,” said LUMO Labs founding partner Andy Lürling. “With this move, we don’t invest in just one application of neuroadaptive AI. We invest in the fundamental infrastructure to make the ongoing innovation and development of AI accessible for all, specifically AI to improve health and well-being.”


In line with LUMO Labs’ advocacy for self-determination and traceable ownership of data and transparency and traceability of technologies, the Maaind platform is designed to uphold the highest possible privacy standards.

“With our proven, effective tech, we can help millions of people feel better,” said Martin Dinov, Maaind co-founder and CEO. “We also make it easier for other businesses to make their groundbreaking applications and technology available, safer, and faster. By integrating with the Maaind platform, these businesses can focus on perfecting their proprietary sensor technology or AI-enabled well-being applications without the additional burden of developing the basic infrastructure for capture, consolidation and computing to make this happen.”

The rigorous approach and dedication we see at Maaind have already led to tangible milestones, says Sven Bakkes, founder of LUMO Labs. “These prove not only the effectiveness of technology but also its relevance to a wide range of consumer-facing brands and businesses.” 

Maaind was founded in London in 2019 by Dr. Martin Dinov and Dzera Kaytati and subsequently raised pre-seed funding from Entrepreneur First and vision-aligned angel investors from the UK and the U.S. The founders and the rest of the growing Maaind team will work from their new headquarters at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and their existing offices in London. 

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