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As the development of lab-grown food is improving, it is necessary to understand its legal implications before establishing a market for it.

Animal cell cultivation technology is developing rapidly, with some countries already approving its commercialization—however, a report from the University of Birmingham warns about the legal ramifications of the lab-grown seafood industry. The document states that trademark policies and cultural differences might hinder this market’s regulation.   

Cell-based seafood technology attempts to create a product similar to the traditional market. Considering the risks of climate change and endangered aquatic ecosystems, scientists simply utilize tissue and bioprocess engineering to make a non-fish-harming product. The result is a copy, molecularly speaking, of a conventional fish.

This technology aims to expand a more sustainable market to preserve the world’s marine life. The so-called blue economy strives to promote a balance between a healthy and stable market system, simultaneously supporting environmental causes.

What are the primary legal considerations to be addressed? 

Despite that attempt, some legal issues still need to be solved before a blue economy market can be fully established. According to experts, transforming a global supply chain requires a considerable amount of investment and proper regulations on a worldwide scale. 

More specifically, the article from the British University cites product trademarks as a likely complication. These trademarks present elevated litigation risks because local producers might struggle to exercise those rights internationally. 

The problem with the trademarks also assimilates into the cultural divergences of each country, in which people’s conception of “food” takes a role. This matter could result in harsher regulatory penalties for the sustainable economy system. As described by specialists, these legal factors might slow the growth of seafood cell cultivation technology in some parts of the world. 

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