(C) City of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki’s Megasense programme has been developing a new way of measuring local air pollution with measuring devices carried by city residents in a project called Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone, HOPE, led by the City of Helsinki. The project is backed by an experienced network of partners that brings together the expertise of the University of Helsinki, City of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY). 

Although air quality in Europe has developed significantly over the last few decades, so the press release of the University of Helsinki. A lmost every European still suffers from air pollution, states a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) from 2020. Not to mention the global situation – approximately seven million people worldwide die of air pollution annually (WHO).

Finland is among the top countries in the world from the perspective of clean air (WHO), but up to 2,000 people still die annually from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases caused by air pollution. Air pollutant concentrations may also momentarily and locally rise above WHO’s guideline levels in Helsinki.

 Learn about the sensors by watching a video.

n the My Air Quality app developed by UseLess Company Oy, anyone can determine their own air quality footprint and read tips about making better choices for cleaner air.

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