Why we write about this topic:

Much is already happening in the field of sustainability. Often we highlight technical aspects. This article deals with its legal framing.

The researcher Jamie Behrendt, from the Law Department of the University of Groningen, developed a website that points out micro-electric grids in the European Union. This webpage aims to map out micro-electric grids around Europe to achieve a possible integration in the future. It also aims to be part of empirical research to study an eventual regulation of that technology, especially considering its legal application and costs. 

Behrendt also invited microgrid developers to exchange contact with her. This way, it would be possible to map as many microgrids as possible, resulting in more complete empirical source data for further analysis.  

This initiative might be a milestone for decentralizing the electricity network in the European Union and incentivizing innovative forms of integrating renewable energy and introducing them into the market. As described in the press release, this project has a direct link to the Europen Green Deal, which consists of supporting the ultimate goal of climate neutralization with no net emissions until 2050.  

Even though the microgrid is a reality in terms of sustainable energy, there is still more to understand regarding its legal market regulation. This technology might be a long-term solution to finding sustainable energy sources and reducing net emissions in Europe.

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