The restoration of the Utrecht Dom tower is currently in full swing. From all the debris that comes off the highest church tower in the Netherlands, Brokkenmákers and New Horizon are making circular bricks: the Domsteen. These bricks are used in sustainable building projects in Utrecht, such as the Merwedekanaal zone and Cartesius triangle. In this way, the residual material of a historical monument is reused for future, sustainable buildings. The Domsteen will be launched today, the partners write in a press release.

In cooperation with brick manufacturer Wienerberger, Brokkenmákers and New Horizon took the initiative to develop a special, circular brick from rubble and grit. The Domsteen helps to reduce demolition waste and the waste of usable building materials. Part of the proceeds will go towards a light artwork on the Dom tower.

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Sustainable from start to finish

New Horizon has processed the debris of the Dom tower and made it suitable to be used in the Dom brick. Dutch river clay is used as the basic material for the brick: a sustainable material that is infinitely and locally available. The residual material from the Dom is added to the brick as a raw material. This composition guarantees a long lifespan, with all the functional and aesthetic properties of a brick. The Dom brick is available in different colours, and the circular brick can be selectively demolished, processed and reused as a material.

Read the full press release here.

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