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With E52 Live! we take E52 on stage. Literally. The stories and subjects you are used to – everything about innovation in the Eindhoven region – will then come to life in the VDMA at the Vestdijk. Live acts, interaction with the audience, a discovery road full of optimism about the future. Serious, entertaining, informative, touching and surprising subjects, we’ll see it all.

So don’t forget to save the date: November 9 from 19 hrs, E52 Live! is ready for you.

Update: ticket sales is available now


With E52 Live! we have our fourth yearly event, with which we have filled all seasons:

The concept of E52 Live! is 100% Eindhoven in character and inspired by the Danish Zetland Live, a recurring theater of a journalistic platform from Copenhagen. The big difference is that our evening will be full of innovative aspects, instead of the more cultural ones at Zetland.

With live interviews, videos, experiences, music, design, high-tech, experiments and presentations we give a varied and inspiring overview of everything Brainport has to offer where innovation is concerned.

Food and drink is locally produced and provided by Rechtstreex.

The core of the evening is a live show of about two hours. What the rest of the evening will look like:

7 pm: doors open, eating and drinking, walking entertainment
8 pm: start of the on-stage program with about 10 different acts of around 10 minutes each.
10 pm: ending of on-stage program, bar open.
12 am: final closing

We will keep you posted on all details in the program during the next weeks and months, as we will about how to get your tickets. Members of E52 will be served first.

But now: save the date!

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