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Her Majesty Queen Máxima herself came to Eindhoven to open the SingularityU The Netherlands. Amidst new technological applications including Do It Yourself drones, food scanners, self-driving cars, in-vitro meat, personal robots, nano-satellites, VR & brain headsets, she visited the Innovation Hub, located in De Apparatenfabriek, a former Philips plant at Strijp-S.

On Saturday 4 jun the Hub will be open for public.

Reported by Frits van Otterdijk

With the Innovation Hub, SingularityU The Netherlands aims to raise awareness and inspire action regarding the immense potential of innovative technological applications and their future impact on our society. SingularityU The Netherlands (SingularityU NL) will offer educational programs for companies. In addition, the team is organizing nation-wide events to bring together start-ups & scale-ups, research institutions, businesses, government and investors to accelerate innovation. The focus in the Netherlands is directed at technological developments in mobility, food, water and health.

“The Innovation Hub in Eindhoven offers visitors the chance to experience how the combination of diverse fast-changing technologies (such as drones combined with artificial intelligence, cameras and solar panels) will have real impact on our society in areas like agriculture or security”, says Maarten den Braber (co-founder SingularityU NL). “This space offers everyone the chance to have a live experience and to get connected with an active community working on these exponential technologies. During the opening our faculty members will provide participants with an interactive exploration of the various technologies.”

Diederick Croese (co-founder, SingularityU NL): “SingularityU The Netherlands wants to boost cross-sectoral collaboration in the Netherlands and get more people involved with its initiatives. We are delighted that her Majesty Queen Máxima highlights the importance of more awareness regarding the impact of innovative technologies on our society.”