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Thanks to a Round A funding backed by Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures in syndication with the economic development agency for the Limburg Province (LIOF), Venlo based Accerion now prepares to enter new global markets while expanding its team. The height of the investment was not disclosed. Accerion is a HighTechXL alumnus.

Accerion is a Dutch tech startup founded in 2015 by Willem-Jan Lamers. Led by him and Vincent Burg, Accerion has developed an infrastructure-free positioning technology for mobile robots that uses the floor as a reference. With its breakthrough optical positioning and navigation technology for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), Accerion’s innovation enables effective navigation for mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles, achieving high accuracy without requiring expensive and inflexible infrastructure in the field.

The tech startup’s positioning technology can be combined with new or existing equipment such as forklifts, industrial vehicles and mobile logistics robots, enabling them to perform functions autonomously and with extreme precision, even in dynamic environments. The technology needs no special infrastructure. Instead, Accerion’s proprietary intelligent algorithms, combined with advanced camera technology, not only “learn” the floor as the only directional reference, but collaborates with other vehicles. “Your floor is our map,” is the Accerion motto.

“Your floor is our map.”

“Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robots are key enablers for full automation in manufacturing and logistics,” said Marcus Böker, Managing Director of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. “For instance, the reduction of manual material handling in production lines is a main goal within the manufacturing industry, but this can only be partly addressed by existing technologies. Accerion’s technology allows AGVs and mobile robots to really navigate infrastructure-free by achieving far more accuracy than traditional infrastructure-based solutions.”

Globally, the market for mobile robots is forecast to grow by double digits with an expected valuation of more than 10 billion euros by 2025. “The key objective is to get Accerion’s technology to the right customers: logistics automation companies who are building industry-leading solutions, and therefore need the latest, high-performance positioning technology,” said Vincent Burg, managing director.

“It’s amazing to see Accerion, its team and customer base grow exponentially over the years,” sad Willem-Jan Lamers, founder. “This investment allows us to accelerate our developments and market adoption even faster.”

Accerion says it sees growth in revenue and order flow for its Jupiter and Triton packages, with customers in the European Union, the United States, China and India. Accerion will use the capital injection to scale up production and expand its team.