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The Dutch government has secured financial support for taking the next edition of the Play the Game conference to Eindhoven in November 2017. Play the Game will for the first time take place in The Netherlands, in a cooperation with a coalition of Dutch partners. Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers, will provide a €100,000 support for the event.

According to the minister, the overall goals of Play the Game – to achieve transparency, democracy and freedom of expression in the world of sport – is fully in line with what the Dutch government works for: “These are critical times for world sports. Over the last years we have been startled by numerous scandals. Doping, match fixing or corruption. Each incident nibbling away at the integrity of sports. To tackle the threats we face, we need to join forces each from our own responsibility”, Edith Schippers says.

“Open, unrestricted public debate among the world’s leading journalists, independent experts and sports officials is fundamental if we want to reach sustainable solutions. For 20 years, Play the Game has proven its ability to arrange high-quality sports debates. That is why I am honored that this year’s Play the Game conference is hosted here in The Netherlands. Let’s make this a critical and constructive conference about the important cause that binds us all: fair and clean sports, worldwide.”

Among the partners at this stage are NOC*NSF, Mulier Institute, Utrecht University, ARKO Sports Media and Eindhoven based Sport eXperience.

Mayor John Jorritsma says that Eindhoven will bring three elements together to open new ways for sports participation and excellence: “to achieve transparency, democracy, and freedom of expression in world sport. Therefore we strongly support the global goals of Play the Game and look forward to showing how cooperation and innovation can strengthen the world of sports.”

The ongoing battle between governmental and sporting authorities about the future of the World Anti-Doping Agency will be a prominent issue, as well as threats to the integrity and sustainability of major sports events. There will also be a strong emphasis on how technology can contribute to develop the everyday sports life for citizens and associations around the world.

More information on the Play the Game 2017 website.