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OK, so take part in a master class in writing columns and then be given the assignment by Dutch Volkskrant journalist Sheila Sitalsing: Write an experimental column.  

Well, I’d love to! That’s how I’ve wanted to peanut butter some things for a some time now :-).

In fact, we should…

Peanut butter! Basically, a term to use to signal that you should finally get cracking.

Why aren’t you always right?

PPeanut butter! You could probably have done it differently, but it’s fine this way too.

Local journalism doesn’t matter?

Peanut butter! Transforming cities can’t be done without growing local media at the same time.

An integral environmental quality that gets people engaged and benefits them too?

Peanut butter! The Environment Act is too big to be workable.

The sad state of municipal councils?

Peanut butter!  Politicians are, by definition, laypeople who you have to take on board in a story. Democracy just costs effort. It is not the best solution, but the least bad. 

Innovation campus not in the national interest, so sell it on to the Chinese.

Peanut butter! At least on a par with Maarten and Oopjen.

Clamp down on ventilation so that air quality inside is worse than outside just to save energy?

Peanut butter! I don’t know about you, but I still want to come out of a building feeling at least as healthy as I went in.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Peanut butter! My wife prefers to sit alone with me.

Temptingly touchable things in museums that you are not allowed to touch.

Peanut butter! Then don’t put them there.

Say Rietveld, those chairs of yours are not terribly comfortable.

Peanut butter! To sit is a verb. If you are tired just go and lie down, also a verb by the way….

The point of traffic lights in southern countries.

Peanut butter!

De Lely line isn’t profitable?

Peanut butter! With Transit Oriented Development, they have billions left over in Asia from the construction of new mobility links.

The redistribution of public money from municipal funds is a vicious circle and each new distribution scheme is as inexplicable as the old one.

Peanut butter! Just let municipalities levy their own taxes.

Scarcity of (affordable) housing while at the same time the potential returns from housing development are on the rise and urban environments are becoming more valuable due to public sector investment in climate adaptation, sustainability and innovation.

Peanut butter! Innovate with models that leverage this value creation in a socially responsible way to create an affordable, inclusive, and sustainable living environment.

Is this column not to your liking?

Peanut butter! I am stating uncomfortable truths and want to change the system, not become part of it.

About this column:

In a weekly column, alternately written by Eveline van Zeeland, Eugene Franken, Katleen Gabriels, PG Kroeger, Carina Weijma, Bernd Maier-Leppla, Willemijn Brouwer, Maarten van Andel and Colinda de Beer, Innovation Origins tries to figure out what the future will look like. These columnists, sometimes joined by guest bloggers, are all working in their own way to find solutions to the problems of our time. So tomorrow will be good. Here are all the previous articles.