Nearly 3 million euros additional tourist tax since 2010
The number of hotel stays in Eindhoven has risen from a little more than 500,000 in 2010 to about 800,000 in the last year. That gave the city almost 3 million additional tourist tax. The number of stays has been growing stronger since mid-2014 than the number of available rooms in the city. This is evidenced by the Eindhoven247 annual report, the organization responsible for, among other things, the events, hospitality and the brand store at the Stationsplein.

In 5 years time, the number of annual events in Eindhoven has risen from 99 to 144. This has led to a growth of visitors from 2.8 million to over 3.6 million. With an increase in average spending per person per visited event, the total economic spinoff in 2015 is over 70 million euros. This also has an effect outside the national borders: the average international media exposure has doubled in 5 years. This means that Eindhoven is mentioned more frequently in various media.


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    In order to maintain growth, Eindhoven247 is looking for expansion in addition to existing events. One of those is the development of the ‘International Hightech Awards’ as a new to be developed top event for the international high-tech start-up scene. In addition, Eindhoven365 has started a collaboration with Veen Media for the development of Re-Invent, a new event at the intersection of Food, Philosophy, and Technology. Finally, they’re looking at the redevelopment of It’s Fashion Weekend.

    Other new business is especially in the development of the new Eindhoven ‘Share the Vibe’ clothing line. Eindhoven365 especially wants to look at realizing special editions suitable for existing projects, events and/or agencies.

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