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In normal times, this weekend, thousands of fans of electronic music would come to the former Suikerunie grounds in Groningen for Paradigm. Now that this festival is canceled due to the corona measures, this summer the Paradigm team is organizing a Biergarten every week from Thursday to Sunday.

Innofestan incentive program for innovative entrepreneurs in the festival world – has been working with Paradigm for several years now and Corona is not a killjoy for that collaboration. This weekend, visitors to Biergarten Paradigm will be presented with four prototypes of innovative startups: a multi-purpose crew shirt, compostable building material, a soft drink made from microalgae and a platform for safer nightlife. 

FemAlert – Safer nightlife for everyone

FemAlert is a platform that strives for safe nightlife for everyone. On the platform, it is possible to report inappropriate behavior while going out in an easily accessible way. This weekend the entrepreneurs of FemAlert hope to discuss their initiative with as many visitors as possible.  

RefreshFUL – Microalgae soft drink

Microalgae absorb CO2 in a more efficient way than trees and do not use scarce agricultural land. With this in mind, the entrepreneurs of RefreshFUL developed a CO2-negative soft drink made from microalgae that you can taste this weekend in the Biergarten.

LeaseShirt – Multi-purpose crew shirt

Crew shirts often end up in the back of the closet after a festival or event. Reuse of these shirts, therefore, saves a lot of resources. That’s why the founders of LeaseShirt developed a multi-purpose festival shirt: the crew of Biergarten Paradigm is wearing the first version this weekend.  

Compost board – Biodegradable building

In order to tackle the climate crisis, we will increasingly have to work together with nature. With this in mind, the ‘compost board’ has been developed. This is a material that is similar to wood but breaks down automatically into fertile fibers for the soil. Paradigm’s carpenter started working with this product for the first time, and the result can be seen this weekend in the Biergarten.