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Around 50 professionals and students will gather on October 14th and 15th for Brabant’s first big mobility hackathon. “The Next Mobility Hack” will take place at Eindhoven’s Singularity University. Participants will be challenged to search and build creative and smart concepts for the transport of goods and people in Brabant – open minded and with healthy curiosity. The hacks will contribute to smart and sustainable transport.

The Next Mobility Hack is coordinated by BrabantKennis in close collaboration with the Province of Noord-Brabant and many business, educational and local government partners.

The Challenge

The organisers of the hackathon have noticed a lot of trends that make transport not only a solution but also a challenge in the next years. To name a few: relocation of amenities to cities, online purchases that are boosting the transport of small packages, (highway) infrastructure that can’t handle the increase in the number of vehicle kilometres, the growing need for a green and sustainable environment, technological developments like e-bikes and self-driving cars, an aging population.

“By joining this hackathon, you get access to knowledge and data on this subject. You and your team will be asked to take on one of the challenges and come up with innovating mobility solutions. Create your own concepts for the future of mobility in Brabant.”

The output could be an app, a virtual model (animation, video), a working prototype, graphics – you name it. Participants can bring any hardware, software or other materials and components to help build a concept. A panel of judges will evaluate the projects and presentations at the end of the hackathon and award the three most promising solutions.

Who can participate?

De hackathon is open for anybody with an interest in technology and mobility.University students, designers, programmers, software developers, innovators, marketeers, professionals and consumers: everybody who has an affinity with creative, smart transport concepts.


Apart from other prizes, team members of the best project will be entitled to an all-paid trip to participate at the ‎Y4PT‬ Global ‪‎Transport‬ ‪‎Hackathon‬ ‎Montreal‬ 2017 – the first ever global transport hackathon – in the framework of the 62th ‪‎UITP‬ Global ‪‎PublicTransport‬ Summit Montreal 2017 – the world’s oldest and leading ‪sustainable mobility‬ event.

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