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A few times a year, the students of SintLucas can step out of the normal teaching program to go networking for a whole week. But this doesn’t mean they can relax. In early February this happened again, this time with the mission to come up with solutions to major social and societal problems, and to turn this into a video of up to 60 seconds.

E52 publishes the most notable this month. Most of them are in English or have subtitles.

The briefing by SintLucas: “In the Netherlands, all sorts of social problems are normally solved by people in the so-called smart suits. It is of course the question whether all of those solutions are a success. So look around and try to find the social problems for which you can find a solution. It’s up to you to examen the existing solutions and restyle or completely replace them by a solution that really meets the needs of people.

Today, the focus is on people labeling people: Labels are for losers.