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Program Director Naomie Verstraeten of Brainport Development and Director General Lia Ming Liu of the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last night. The agreement aims to promote cooperation between start-up incubators on both sides.

For startups from Brainport Eindhoven, the agreement means that they can explore the Asian market more easily. Taiwan is a relatively easy to enter Asian market and can be used as a stepping stone to enter other Asian markets such as Japan or China.

Taiwan is an attractive market for Dutch startups. In Taiwan, as in the Netherlands, increasing ageing populations and healthcare costs are important points of attention. Dutch start-ups are known for their high-tech knowledge and ability to ensure that the devices are actually accepted by users (via social design). In this way, the Taiwanese hope to acquire knowledge that is currently insufficient.

Taiwan also experiences a battle for talent and wants to retain talent by developing incubators and accelerators. With the MoU between Brainport Development and ITRI, Brainport Eindhoven supports Taipei City in strengthening those incubators.

A delegation of companies and organizations from Brainport Eindhoven will take part in InnoVEX Taipei at the beginning of June. Under the leadership of Mayor of Eindhoven and chairman of the foundation Brainport John Jorritsma they will go to Taiwan to participate in this startup fair. InnoVEX is a start-up platform that is part of Computex Taipei, the largest B2B ICT trading show in Asia. The Dutch government has designated this platform as a strategic global (Asia) trade fair for startups.

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