Corona in Europe – the colossal Covid chaos

As the corona figures go through the roof, data journalist Jelmer Visser has returned to do what he does best: interpret the corona pandemic based on data from home and abroad.

‘How many start-ups did you help?’

Better cooperation between knowledge institutions and SMEs can take high-tech innovations further, argues Hamed Sadeghian. In addition, we need to look at better conditions for open innovation.

Pumped up for the winter

A study by CE Delft and TNO shows that if we all kept our tires properly inflated and checked them regularly, we would emit 1% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the Netherlands.

A close-up of the North Sea

Plans to build in the North Sea have been proliferating, from another airport to homes on floating islands. It is, of course, key in providing […]

‘The best scientists also have start-ups’

Companies are constantly testing new products in the marketplace; scientists should do the same with research, Eveline Crone believes. Because innovations are only successful if we actually use them.

This will make microplastics obsolete

A naturally biodegradable alternative to microplastics in e.g. body scrubs and detergents. That is what Iamfluidics, a spin-off from the University of Twente, is in the process of developing.