Frans Biegstraaten en Ferdinand Gremmen, Foto © Bart van Overbeeke.
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The first branch of Techpro Europe in the Netherlands will be at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC). The company, headquartered in Hong Kong, produces self-adhesive products for the optical and medical technology industries. Techpro expects to be able to build up a large network of customers and suppliers within and around BIC. In addition, the accessibility, both by road and by air, was an important consideration for Techpro. Techpro will move into BIC in September.

Techpro produces high-quality components made of self-adhesive materials, foam and foils. The company focuses on the optical market where the products are used during lens grinding, as well as on medical and other high-tech customers for whom a cleanroom will be built at BIC. Techpro’s components can be used to simplify the production of second-skin or ultra-thin high-tech packaging materials, for example. Techpro establishes both the production and sales departments at BIC.

“90% of our primary list of potential customers is in this region”, says Frans Biegstraaten, Managing Director Europe of Techpro. “After a joint analysis with Brainport Development and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the choice became very easy. The effectiveness of this ecosystem is clear and we would like to be part of it. BIC also has the advantage of direct access to talent, for example thanks to Summa College.”

“90% of our primary list of potential customers is in this region, so to speak I can reach them all by bicycle”

Ferdinand Gremmen, director of SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) and responsible for Brainport Industries Campus, says Techpro is a welcome addition to BIC’s already diverse offering. “We are once again showing that international companies are able to find their way to the campus. The specific expertise of this company will only be enhanced by the ecosystem that we can offer here. And by this, I mean both the other high-tech companies and Summa College.”

Biegstraaten expects a lot from the high-tech ecosystem, within BIC as well as in the immediate vicinity. “Everyone is talking about synergy, but this is where I really see it happen. Eating a sandwich in the Atrium, you can already see and meet everyone you need to meet. Even at my first introductory round, I already saw lots of opportunities for cooperation, so this is going to help us enormously.”

Techpro Europe BV is a 100% subsidiary of Techpro Group Ltd. from Hong Kong.

Techpro BIC
Erik Veurink (BIC), Ferdinand Gremmen (SDK/BIC), Frans Biegstraaten (TechPro), Niels Langenhuizen (SDK/BIC) and Ruben Fokkema (Brainport Development) right at the spot where Techpro will move in to. (Photo © Bart van Overbeeke)