Lightyear sold the first two cars from the Signature Edition. Unlike ‘normal’ orders, for this version of the solar-powered car, the full amount (€119,000) must be paid immediately. The car itself will then be delivered in 2019. The Signature Edition consists of 10 cars: “The first ten of our brand”, says Tessie Hartjes of the company.

Of the normal version – for which a deposit of €19,000 has to be paid – 12 have now been sold, Hartjes told us on 1 November at a presentation in Groningen.

Below this story, there’s a video of Hartjes’ presentation

Tessie Hartjes

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    The planning is still ambitious: in a year’s time, the first prototype will have to be on the streets, followed by the delivery of the 10 Signature Editions in 2019. By 2020, production should get off to a good start with the construction of the first 140 normal Lightyears. Hartjes also showed how all this can be financed: with the first million euros, the concept is currently being further developed, 2 million more is needed to complete the next phase in the first half of 2018, and 8 million is for building the prototype. For the real production phase, tens of millions are needed.

    This money is partly raised through selling cars (even if they are not yet built). In addition, convertible loans are being issued, and Lightyear also expects new investors.

    Photo: Tessie Hartjes explains the details of Lightyear to interested students during a session in Groningen.

    Tessie Hartjes presents Lightyear during Let’s Gro Festival in Groningen


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