Dj Andrea Cichecki (original Polish, long time Eindhoven resident, now living in Berlin)

On e52 we highlight the best alternative spots for nightlife in Eindhoven for the city of tomorrow. Outside the usual paths and away from the usual bars in the city center. We also shine a light on alternative cultural concepts different than the usual. And for this article we have…..

Dancing in the Einderground on a Sunday afternoon. Outside, and in a small living room atmosphere.

It seems like a weird thing to do. On this day all cafe’s and bars on the Stratumseind are usually closed or relatively quiet, except when there is a PSV soccer match or some student association gathering going on. In the city center like the Markt, Demer, Kleine Berg people are shopping, sitting on a terrace, having a lunch or they go to the cinema. Others visit one of the artificial beaches like Aquabest or the Ijzeren Man or they just stay at home and relax the day.

But not when it comes to Eindhoven based Tommie Frencken. Last year the graduated leisure manager decided to start a small-scale outdoor party experiment called ‘Kader – Outdoor‘ on Sundays in the afternoon. His first two editions were organized on the LAB-1 courtyard in Strijp-S. After the LAB-1 closure he had to find a new location for this summer, and found one in the TAC garden.

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    Tommie Frencken

    Kader has a carefully selected line-up of minimal, house and techno music deriving from artists around the world. A pure outdoor living room atmosphere, where lovers of the scene and electronic music feel home. The event can happen during any afternoon of the week.

    20150816_194017One of the artists programmed at Sunday the 16th of August was the Polish Andrea Cichecki, who started as a DJ in Eindhoven, but moved to Berlin a few years ago to follow her passion.

    Kader is like coming home. I feel myself being in the right time and space, with an audience who is always up for a fantastic evening” – Andrea Cichecki

    “I have a lot of experience in Berlin and I immediately notice when someone creates with passion and a vision. The way this happens at Kader also gives a boost to me as an artist to contribute and be creative during my performance.”

    Random music lovers of Kader Outdoor

    “It is great that there is finally something alternative to do on an afternoon in Eindhoven. And why not? Berlin is a very bustling city during day and night, almost every day of the week. The concept of going out on a Saturday night has vanished here. The result is more space and opportunities for everyone to be creative, anytime people want.”

    Draaitafels/Dj Booth kader“Kader is a good contribution to the Eindhoven cultural climate, because in this context there is not much to do in this city. Many people travel to other cities to look for the atmosphere which Kader is trying to create. The problem is not the ideas and people in Eindhoven, but the opportunities to do so. It would be a nice thing if Eindhoven creates more space and chances for these kind of cultural initiatives to have the city flourish”, concludes Andrea Cichecki.

    IMG_4781So to wrap up, are you having one of these lousy afternoons again? You do not feel like shopping, hanging around in a (empty) bar, but also do not want to stay home or go out to the usual, but you do want to dance and, or meet people in a different environment? Join the Kader – Outdoor parties.

    Wherever and whenever they are organized. Even when it’s raining -like last Sunday 16th of August- the place is packed and attracts a lot of young, hip people from the local creative Eindhoven scene….


    The next Kader – Buiten will be organized at Sunday 13th of September.

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