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Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, will join EuroTech Universities as its sixth member. Earlier this year, in June, the French École Polytechnique also joined. Furthermore, the Technical Universities of Eindhoven, Munich, Lausanne and Copenhagen are members of Eurotech.

Here’s more about Eurotech.

Jan Mengelers, president of EuroTech Universities, and chairman of the board of the Eindhoven University of Technology, welcomes Technion’s entry. “The EuroTech universities are excellent research-based universities that are recognised within their innovation ecosystems as engines with a capacity to translate fundamental research into societal solutions. With EuroTech we combine our complementary research strengths and connect our innovation ecosystems with more impact. Technion is a perfect match to join and stimulate this joint effort, given its scientific strength and vibrant innovation ecosystem.”

With 84 ERC grants from the EU and 90 spin-off companies, Technion is an example of how fundamental science translates into impact, says Technion chairman, Prof. Peretz Lavie. “Technion is honoured to join the EuroTech Universities Alliance. We live in an era where international and interdisciplinary collaborations are vital for the future of scientific research. We bring the ‘Technion way’ to do things about this collaboration: achieve our goals faster and with fewer resources. The combination with the great strengths of the other members of the alliance, which consists of an elite group of European universities similar to Technion, will help us ensure that we are at the forefront of scientific research, benefiting millions of people worldwide.”

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, founded in 1912, is the first university in Israel. Technion’s innovations have a major global impact in areas such as medicine, renewable energy, water conservation, computing and nanotechnology. The university has four Nobel Prize winners.