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Today, March 7th, the next edition of the Sport eXperience Eindhoven Accelerator starts. Sport eXperience welcomes 6 promising sports innovations. In one month, various Dutch, Irish and Lithuanian sports entrepreneurs gather in the SX Building in Eindhoven to create, fine-tune and accelerate their international growth ambitions.

It’s the fourth edition of the sports accelerator program in Eindhoven. Within one year time, the program has organised four rounds of sessions for over 15 entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and Eindhoven. Moreover, the program managed to expand its network of professional innovation coaches, investors, startups and scaleups across many borders at a very swift pace. The global sports community grows fast.

The 6 new Sport eXperience Eindhoven Accelerator teams:

FORTISAXIS (Vilnius, Lithuania)
“Corden” is the key product of FortisAxis company. “Corden” is an innovative device that eliminates the main cause of the problems of the spine – spinal muscular hypertonicity. “Corden” can be used to relieve muscular pain or tension, especially neck and back pain. It also appears to have sedative effects and may alleviate insomnia. In a broader sense, “Corden” is believed to enhance physical vitality and emotional well-being. Corden it’s a new way in trigger point therapy.

FREESENSE SOLUTIONS (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Contrary to mass volume sports such as running and cycling, an easy to use smartphone activity app is impossible for swimming. Nevertheless, swimmers do wish to keep track about their instant and overall swim performance. FreeSense Solutions created a solution by using Bluetooth smart communication, dedicated sensing technologies, wireless battery charging technology and 3D printed packaging technology to fit ergonomically in the ears of the athlete. A real-time algorithm processes the biometric sensor data and gives audible feedback to the swimmer. The Smart Swim buddy can also be connected to other wearable devices and sensors or can be used in other mass volume sports such as fitness, running, cycling, etc.

FreeSense Solutions SwimBuddy

REPROSPORTS (Aalten, Netherlands)
It’s all about performance. Reprosports develops a shin guard that adjust itself to the football player. ‘The less irritation while playing football, the more focus is on the game’ is their motto. It’s going to be a unique shin guard that adapts to the shin and is suitable for every type of football player.

SPORTANY (Almere, Netherlands)
SportAny creates a world where sport communities practice their individual sport. Wherever and whenever. SportAny offers sport providers tools through their digital platform so they are able to anticipate, stay engaged and meet the expectations of highly demanding sport communities.

SWIMGAMES (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Move together and relax, that’s what SwimGames achieves in the pool. With over 10 years of experience in games, motivation and recreational sports, Swim Games develops digital entertainment in the pool. SwimGames appreciates creativity and collaboration over competition and excellence. Research shows that gamification has a positive effect on people’s motivation to move.

The QuasaR™ will allow users to work out better by tracking multiple health parameters available only to professional athletes in clinical setting, at the ease and price point of a wristband based fitness tracker. QuasaR™ is a wearable personal wellness trainer that help users manage their obesity, stress, heart and respiratory conditions by suggesting the optimal exercise routines and durations, based on the user’s personal health and fitness goals.

The fifth edition of Sport eXperience in Eindhoven will be starting September 2017.