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Eindhoven based innovator Intrinsic-ID has reached the finals of the European Innovation Radar Prize 2016. The prize is a European Commission initiative to celebrate high potential innovators developing digital innovations in research and innovation projects.

On the longlist for the prize were 40 of the best digital innovators competing in four categories. Coming from every corner of Europe, these SMEs, university teams, spinoffs and start-ups are delivering digital breakthroughs with potential to have an impact on everything from asthma patients to food safety analysis to urban planning to even management of bee populations and security for the Internet of Things.

“We are excited with a place in the finals,” says Pim Tuyls CEO and founder of Intrinsic-ID, “It is a great reward for our team that develops our products based on top scientific research. We are very grateful to the EU for their support. It helped us to accelerate development and address new promising markets like the Internet of Things.”

“The Innovation Radar prize highlights breakthrough research that can improve our lives and create economic opportunities,” Aymard de Touzalin, Deputy Head of Unit at the European Commission for Future & Emerging Technologies (FET), “with the increasing importance of information security, it is satisfying to see European research-intensive SMEs such as Intrinsic-ID recognized for being at the forefront of high-tech innovation.”

intrinsic-IDPim Tuyls added, “it took a concerted effort from all our staff, partners and friends to gather enough votes for making it to the finals. The competition in our category was very tough. It was a very stimulating and rewarding experience to receive the votes and compliments from all those parties. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who helped us in this campaign.”

The Innovation Radar Prize final takes place at the ICT Proposers Day event in Bratislava at 26 September 2016. In Bratislava the 16 finalists will present their innovation and their business ambitions to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs.

About Intrinsic-ID

Intrinsic-ID is a world leader in the field of Embedded Authentication as a provider of “Physical Unclonable Functions” (PUF). Using our patented PUF technology, secret keys and identifiers are reliably extracted from the physical properties of chips. Much like the electronic equivalent of a human fingerprint the PUF uniquely identifies and authenticates any electronic device. PUFs can be used for secure hardware key management, to establish a hardware root of trust or to protect the electronic supply chains against clones and counterfeits. Intrinsic-ID’s security solutions serve a wide range of markets: Embedded systems, IoT, Identification, automotive, communications, content distribution, pay TV, government and defense.

Intrinsic-ID is a spin-off from Philips Electronics. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, USA and has its R&D office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Learn more at www.intrinsic-id.com

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