Brabant Startup Awards

No province in the Netherlands scores as highly in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship as North Brabant. Which startups are currently iconic for the power of this province? The Brabant Startup Awards provide the answer on September 25th.

After five successful editions of Startups-To-Watch in Eindhoven, it’s time for a new step. Innovation Origins, the journalistic platform that focuses on innovation and the business behind it, is organizing the Brabant Startup Awards to show how much innovative entrepreneurial talent there actually is in Brabant. This is done by highlighting the five most striking starters: the startups that we expect to be very successful in the coming years as a company, but also as the carriers of their groundbreaking ideas.

What are the most important criteria for the nomination of candidates?

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– located in Brabant
– up to 5 years old
– innovative
– scalable
– durable
– interaction with Brabant’s innovative ecosystem
– we are also looking for a spread in terms of region and theme

The election of the five winners will take place in two stages: until 14 September, anyone who wishes to propose candidates can do so (or just propose your own!). These startups are complemented by the favourites of the most important innovation hubs in the province: the campuses in Brabant and the regional development companies. An independent jury with members from successful scale-ups will then give the final verdict. On September 25th we hear and see the result in the Oude Wagenmakerij in the Spoorzone in Tilburg, framed into a programme that clarifies why no province in the Netherlands is as innovative and enterprising as Noord-Brabant is.

The Brabant Startup Awards are an initiative of Innovation Origins in close collaboration with BOM Brabant Ventures.

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