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Business has changed dramatically. There is no doubt about it that COVID-19 and the global pandemic we have all faced have forced businesses to act and operate in different ways. Whether that is changing their marketing, diversifying their products or services, or only helping them to survive in an uncertain world, it remains a challenge to make the right decisions and find the right tools. It can be quite hard to know what can help and what can hinder your business success. Technology can enhance the way you do business and help with this ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in. With that in mind, here are some of the things that can help. 

Software to help connect more 

We find ourselves in a situation where usual networking events and meetings can no longer take place in the way they would have done before. This is why you need to start thinking about how you can use software to help you do this with your business. Maybe you want to hold a webinar to reach out together, software platforms could help, and looking at the adobe connect features may support you. It might be that you need to think about video conferencing and other ways to connect with your staff and larger groups of people. This will help you to follow rules such as social distancing. 

Zoom or Skype that can help with contact

Video Call

Maybe you want to keep in contact with employees directly. Perhaps many of them are still working from home. This is when platforms like zoom or skype can work out really well. They can help you do things such as talk directly to one or more individuals. They can also work well to keep in contact with customers. For example, if your business requires to set up then you could do this remotely by using software like this to help you stay better connected with your customers without there being any risk.

At the beginning of the corona crisis, IO tested the main video conferencing platforms. 

Making sure you follow the guidelines face to face 

Some businesses are opening up to face traffic now, but that means you have other instructions that you need to follow. What do the national or local health guidelines tell you to do? Does your business require the use of face masks? Would it be safer to do so? You will also need to think about social distancing, moving furniture, and shop layouts to accommodate for this. Other things to consider would be sanitizer on hand and also using applications or software systems so that you can effectively help with tracking and tracing the virus, should anyone get a positive test after being in contact with you. 

Working from home as a cost saver 

Finally, working from home has been made easier and more accessible for so many; it could be a great cost saver. It might even be that you can continue to facilitate this and help your business thrive while saving some money. Which might be needed given the current climate and these last few months of lockdown. Technology has made it possible with the use of VPN, email, and video tech to help people stay in touch and do their jobs effectively.

We are living in uncertain times, but there are ways – both tech-related and just common sense – to overcome many consequences of the corona crisis. Each company should use the solutions that fit the local situation best but maximizing the use of relevant technology will help many businesses in this turbulent time.