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Hans Meeske, general manager of Holland Innovative, explains why precision technology is so important: “With the help of these technologies, we arrive at solutions that can make things easier for ourselves and improve our lives.”

The goal of precision technology is to develop ever smaller, faster, and more accurate products. “An example of this is the measuring cart we have developed, called The Hipster. This will soon be seen in the fields of professional soccer in the Netherlands. It will be used to map and improve the quality and safety of the turf”, Meeske says. “The data collected by the measuring cart helps the grass team in better management and quality of the pitch.”

Proven methods

Holland Innovative has been involved in the development of this type of product for many years. In doing so, the company relies on a fact-based method. “We always develop new products based on data and proven methods. Predictable quality and a guaranteed lifetime are of great importance”, Meeske explains.

3D printer

Meeske first stood at the Precision Fair in 2005, then with L.G.Philips. Since 2007, he has been there with Holland Innovative. He still remembers the first product he showed there: “That was a 3D printer from TNO. Actually, the 3D printer did not yet exist. It was therefore the first prototype that had to be introduced to the market. It is now an existing product in a new company, and I like that.”

Precision fair is family fair

Just like every year, there are hundreds of stands at the Precision Fair in the Brabanthallen. Together with his colleagues Irene van den Graven and Cindy Camp, Meeske will be at stand 480 during those days. He is looking forward to seeing his colleagues again: “I like to call it my family fair. In two days’ time, you see the entire high-tech family pass by. Everyone knows each other. Yes, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s always fun and sociable.”

Perfect Match

The special measuring cart will be located on a piece of artificial turf. On the back wall of the stand – called The Perfect Match – the connection is made between technology, biology, and data science. About this, Meeske says: “It is precisely at these crossovers of markets that fun things arise.” The measuring cart will be used during the fair mainly as an example of the total product development within Holland Innovative.

This includes measuring, validating, and generating data. In the Hipster, this data is collected and analyzed by a unique dashboard. Meeske: “We show the entire development of the product. From the beginning to the development of a data model. This data side, in particular, is new to the market. With that data, we can improve the management of the grass. We really want to get to that perfect match. For that, you need a good foundation.”

© Precision Fair

The measurement kit that is in place now was developed within a year. In the near future, Holland Innovative plans to expand the device. “The other day, the Chief Innovation Officer of the Johan Cruyff ArenA said to me that he wanted to be able to talk to the grass. And that the grass had to be able to respond,” Meeske explains. “Ultimately, this is how we make the step towards preventing injuries. Injuries in sport are, after all, for the most part substrate-related. So in the future, we will integrate even more with medical technologies.”

Champions League

To make it all even more tangible, a real Champions League match ball will be raffled off at the Holland Innovative stand every part of the day. That makes a total of four balls. To have a chance of winning such a ball, one has to answer the question of which technology competencies are contained in the measuring cart. Meeske: “With that, we want to challenge the visitors to think about the knowledge you need to develop such a system.”

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