There’s one returning complaint about the Eindhoven ecosystem: although we have the best and brightest in tech and the best and brightest in design, the two groups should meet more frequently. Well, what better occasion than the Dutch Design Week to prove the complainers wrong.

Next Thursday, October 22, tech designers, trend analysts and design scientists combine forces at the High Tech Campus to kick the dust off high tech product thinking!

From ’Human Centered Design’ we work towards new products through cooperation between the Beta and Alpha. Join in on inspirational sessions by leading speakers in this field and get together for product innovations in an interactive workshop. 

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    Speakers including; Stephan Petermann (OMA/AMO), Paul Hekkert (TU Delft), Marijn van der Poll (The Oyster Imperative), Sandra Baan (Studio Baan), Huib v.d. Heuvel (Solliance).

    13.00-13.05 Opening and welcome – Fanny Jol (Bordertown)
    13.05-13.20 Kick-Off – Sandra Baan (Studio Baan)

    From Customer Needs…
    13.20-13.50 Smart Worlds – Stephan Petermann (OMA/AMO)
    13.50-14.20 What Design can do and why Design should do it – Paul Hekkert (TU Delft/ Design and Emotion Society)
    14.20-14.30 break

    …to New Products
    14.30-14.45 Conceptual Thinking; Learn how to master your creative brain –Marijn van der Poll (The Oyster Imperative)
    14.45-15.25 Show Case 4 Start-Ups
    – Boulton Eyewear (Tim Dassen)
    – OWOW (Robin Dohmen)
    – LIFESENSE (Julia van Zanten)
    – Levende Thee (Peter Scheer)
    15.25-15.35 break

    Alpha & Beta – 2 Languages working together: Cases
    15.35-15.50 LabTap – Joep Verheijen & Hans Meeske
    15.50-16.05 Solliance – Huib van den Heuvel
    16.05-16.20 Recycold – Jan Vorstermans
    16.20-16.30 Creative Residency HTC12 – Bert-Jan Woertman & Hans Meeske

    16.30-17.30 Innovation workshop
    17.30- Wrap-Up & Netwerkborrel

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