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A two-day cycling festival full of innovation that will put Eindhoven even more on the map as the capital of innovation: that is the goal that Bjorn van de Langenberg has in mind. If everything runs as he hopes, the High Tech Campus will be the backdrop for a major cycling event on the weekend of 16 and 17 June 2018.

Van de Langenberg thinks of a criterion on the HTC’s own terrain, rides for the road bike, mountain bike and gravel bike, a thick tire race for children, food trucks and music for a real festival atmosphere and all kinds of side-events in the field of innovation. “This last part is the thread running through the whole weekend and during all activities”, Van de Langenberg writes on his LinkedIn page. I want to distinguish the festival from all those other cycling events that are available in our country. Think for example of a wind tunnel test for business teams or an open-air cycling fair where you can see innovations and test yourself. And what about an E-Bike challenge or a pasta party 2.0? It is my goal to bring all the new innovations in cycling to Eindhoven and organize ‘the cycling festival of the future’ for all those cycling enthusiasts who love new parts.


Cycling Bram Tankink and Puck Moonen are already enthusiastic, says Van de Langenberg. The campus itself – the building and service provider for some 150 tech companies, including the cycling brand Shimano – is also pleased with this, he says. “My plan has been received with open arms. A cycling festival with the theme ‘Innovation’ reinforces the reputation of the HTC, and is also part of my mission: putting Eindhoven on the map as the most innovative bicycle capital of the Benelux.”

TU/e-professor Bert Blocken has already promised to make the wind tunnel available; the tunnel on the university site will officially be opened next month.

Bjorn van de Langenberg has been a vitality manager at the High Tech Campus since last summer, where he is mainly occupied with sports opportunities for the 10,000 Campus residents. But that is not his only focus: “The second important pillar for the event will be vitality because I think it is important for children, our youth is the future, to inspire enthusiasm for cycling more often. Furthermore, from my role as Vitality Event Manager, I also focus on company teams to get as many employees as possible moving.”

Van de Langenberg has been lobbying for a few months now to convince companies and other people of his plans “and that has resulted in a nice list of partners. Everyone I speak sees the potential of the concept. I am currently negotiating with a number of large parties, and after every conversation, it is becoming increasingly clear that this can become something big. Maybe there will even be a start and finish of a big multi-day race to Eindhoven!”

But at the same time, the organiser realizes that his dream will not be realised without the necessary funding. On his LinkedIn page he, therefore, calls on his network to help him find sponsors.

Puck Moonen and Bram Tankink in front of the Shimano building on the High Tech Campus.

Photos (c) Bjorn of the Langenberg