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200 Electric shared cars and 50 e-bikes, spread over 40 locations in some 20 towns and villages in four countries: although more is expected, figures that already fill Goodmoovs-director Edward Bongers with pride. The Netherlands is his home base, but Belgium, Germany and England are also part of the network. The company is now two years old and recently moved to the Helmond Automotive Campus. Goodmoovs is located in the Automotive House, in the heart of the campus, together with its branch partner Electric Motorbikes.

edward bongers
Edward Bongers

Goodmoovs wants to make sharing electric transport easy, reliable and quickly accessible via smartphone, says Bongers. “We want people to actually use shared electric mobility.” To achieve this, an app has been developed that enables users to reserve, open and close electric cars and bicycles. “An ordinary key is no longer necessary, a smartphone is sufficient.”

The car-sharing provider, just like parties such as Amber and Fetch, focuses primarily on the business market but is also open to private individuals. “We now work for numerous governments and companies,” says Bongers. An example of this is the project Trendsportal, which serves eight municipalities in North Limburg with electric cars and bicycles. One electric BMWi3 and two electric bicycles are available for each municipality. The vehicles are primarily intended for municipal employees.

“A car doesn’t move on average 90% of the time”, emphasizes Bongers. “Electric driving and sharing a car is a very sustainable alternative. Our goal is that by the end of 2021 there will be more than 1,000 sustainable shared vehicles on the road for everyone in the Netherlands,” says Bongers. “We start small in order to gain knowledge so we can gradually scale up. This is also in line with the wishes of the municipalities within Trendsportal, in order to stimulate electrical mobility in the region.”

Electric Motorbikes

In Helmond, GoodMoovs rents its office space together with Electric Motorbikes. This company, which has set up an Electric Experience Center on the campus, also focuses on electric transport. For three years now, the company has been marketing electric bicycles for both the business and private markets. These include electric motors and cruisers, as well as dirt bikes, scooters and speed pedelecs, both for sale and rental. “Our trendy, sustainable and electric two-wheelers not only take you from A to B, but they also contribute to solving the traffic jam problem,” says Gert-Jan Rongen, Managing Director of Electric Motorbikes.

The cooperation with Goodmoovs, but also with the other companies and organisations on the Automotive Campus, was an important consideration for Rongen when choosing for Helmond. “From our Electric Experience Center, training, test drives, knowledge and presentations come together. It really must become a meeting place for enthusiasts, motorcyclists, technicians, manufacturers and governments. From this location, we can very easily look for more cooperation. In addition, the Automotive Campus is a place that is well known by many in our industry, both nationally and internationally. Collaboration is almost self-evident here.”