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Senergetics introduces a revolutionary new solution to one of the process industry’s most difficult problems: Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Co-founder and CEO Frank Jacobs: “Our breakthrough photonics sensor technology provides continuous monitoring, using data and AI to prevent equipment failure and minimize downtime.”

As plants age, corrosion is a growing problem. CUI, in particular, is a headache because this form of corrosion develops under insulation – and is, therefore, invisible. “It has also been called the ‘silent killer’ of the process industry. The consequences of CUI can be huge – think of safety or unwanted leaks – as well as very costly – think of unwanted plant shutdowns or sky-high detection and maintenance costs that exceed €100 billion per year worldwide,” Jacobs says. 

‘A good mix’

Senergetics has developed a continuous monitoring solution that detects CUI risk and energy loss. The solution uses special photonic sensors and smart data analysis techniques (using AI). Its easy installation, low cost, and high effectiveness make the system unique.

Founders Jacobs and Anitha met at a tech briefing at incubator High Tech XL, where Integrated Photonics Sensing was presented. Jacobs’ experience in the technical isolation industry and Anitha’s academic background in microelectronics, among other fields, was a good mix. “Thus, the idea was born to jointly tackle the problem of unnecessary heat loss and CUI in the process industry using this technology,” the CEO said. 

Large energy consumers as customers 

The duo’s ultimate mission? To roll out their solution in large industrial plants on all continents. They mainly focus on large energy consumers such as (petro-) chemical and food processing plants.

Jacobs: “In this way, we can significantly reduce unnecessary CO₂ emissions and create a safer and cleaner working environment. Reductions of billions of kilograms of CO₂ emissions are achievable by making targeted improvements to the existing insulation systems of installations.”

Jacobs’ experience is that this is not always easy, as large organizations are often quite orthodox in how things are done. “The industry needs a new solution, doesn’t know how to tackle the problem, and is screaming for help. But as obvious as adopting new technologies may seem, full acceptance of new systems requires conviction, persistence, and finding the right path to decision-making.”

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‘Brainport breathes innovation’

The ecosystem of Brainport Eindhoven is indispensable to Senergetics. “Whatever our question or challenge, the solution here is often literally within a range of five hundred meters. The region is like a greenhouse for startups and exudes innovation, diversity, and an international community. At the same time, we have to be careful not to get stuck in the ecosystem. It is healthy to keep looking for opportunities outside the region to make our company as big and successful as possible.”

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