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There are dozens of challenges for society; some are local, some national, and many are global. Some seem to be small or hardly ever heard of, others are talked about on a daily basis. It’s important to ask what problems society will face in the future and what steps we should be taking to resolve these issues. Here are some of the worrying possibilities that are on the minds of top researchers right now. 

Lower fertility rates

A lot of couples have recently reported struggles when attempting to conceive their first child. What’s going wrong here? According to experts, there has been a steady drop in sperm count in recent years, meaning that more males are closer to infertility than before. Indeed, some researchers believe that this issue could threaten the future of the human race by as early as 2050. It’s believed this is linked to the impact of pollution and it is vital that research is conducted to explore how this can be reversed to improve fertility rates in the future. 

Issues with immigration 

You might think that the problem in the future will be populations with a nationalistic ideology resenting the idea of immigration. However, researchers do not believe this is going to be the case. Instead, they suggest that there could be a future where countries actively compete to win immigrants with the right skills that they need. In fact, they already do. It’s fair to say that there are a lot of countries seeing skill shortages in key industries. The right immigration policy could be the answer but it’s going to be incredibly competitive. Part of the problem here is countries with a growing aging population that will need support from a younger generation of workers. Currently, people who wish to immigrate ask questions like what is indefinite leave to remain? If these reports are to be believed, it could be far easier to immigrate in the future, if you have the right skills. 

Increases in AI 

Contrary to the most popular works of science fiction, it’s unlikely that AI will lead to the doom of mankind. In fact, researchers believe that AI could hold the answer to solving many problems we are facing right now including surging levels of cancer through different populations and growing cases of dementia. However, AI will also cause problems and it’s possible it could lead to job shortages. That’s why many researchers are campaigning for governments to embrace the concept of a universal living wage and start moving towards a future where this is a reality right now. 

A Climate Disaster 

Finally, it’s no secret that the climate is in a dire situation. Every other day there is a news article about how pollution is killing the planet and the people as well as the animals who live here. Researchers have also warned that we lost at least six years where we could have made significant changes. That’s why it’s essential that we come together and act now. One idea would be to make sure that every home is now built with solar power technology. It will be up to governments to ascertain whether this is viable. 

It’s clear then that there are a lot of problems over the horizon that will impact society in the future. But if we take preemptive measures now, we can save the planet and our future