Many know the blockchain mainly from bitcoins and other crypto coins. But this technology can help in all processes that require a chain of trust. Instead of organizing this in a central way, as is often the case at the moment, this can also be done in a decentralized way via a blockchain. For example, systems are emerging to record copyrights or trade agreements, but also to replace our entire financial system.

However, many of the possibilities of the blockchain still need to be developed. That is why the second edition of the largest blockchain hackathon in the world will be organized in Groningen from 5 to 8 April. After a strict selection of participants, a team of Fontys ICT (“FHICTchangers”) emerged among the 64 lucky teams. With the theme ‘Creating the next Operating System’, the teams – with a total of 600 participants – will be working on developing new blockchain applications.

The Fontys team is participating in the ‘future of pensions’ category. They will, therefore, have to come up with a pioneering idea for pensions. Other themes include ‘health’, ‘energy’, ‘security’, ‘international trade and entrepreneurship’ and ‘machine economy’.

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    The members of FHICTchangers:

    Jordy Vonk – Student ICT & Business
    Sander Verstege – Student ICT & Business
    Sebastiaan Verdonk – Student Cybersecurity / ICT & Business
    Frank Hartman – Student Game Design & Technology / Software
    Steve Thijssen – Alumnus ICT & Business (expertise in Hackatons)
    Tim van Iersel – Alumnus ICT & Media Design
    Eveline Druncks – Alumnus ICT & Media Design
    Erdinç Saçan – Teacher ICT & Business/ icop member


    (Main photo: (c) Frank Groeliken – an image of last year’s blockchain-event)

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