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Innovation is taking place in all kinds of sectors, some of which affect more people than others. Yet no one can avoid this sector as we all have a body that should ideally be kept in tip-top condition. Healthcare is developing at a rapid pace.  Whereas the need for hand-washing in medical procedures was disputed until the end of the 19th century, nowadays we can perform complete operations using nanorobots.

Pretty remarkable how we are now able to stay healthier longer and in improved ways. Are you interested in the latest developments in the field of healthcare and do you want quick and easy access to this information? Check out these five channels on YouTube, where medical professionals are passionate about their own very special and important field of expertise.

1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic‘s history dates back all the way to 1855, and this American non-profit organization employs around 63,000 people who work in hospitals, research labs and universities. Everyone can follow their work on YouTube where their channel explains the function of organs and reports on extraordinary surgical operations.

Perhaps the most well-known is their series about a facial transplant that they performed. The treatment is first explained using motion graphics and then they demonstrate how the patient was operated on. There is also room for follow-up care so you can see how the family has responded and what the result looks like after two years.


2. Armando Hasudungan

The Australian physician Armando Hasudungan has been making films about his profession since 2012. No moving images from the operating room for him, but a whiteboard and a pen. Hasudungan explains in an accessible way the stories behind diseases, the impact of medicines and the workings of the human body.

His own consistent visual style and accessible language guarantee that both medical professionals and people with an interest in healthcare can understand him easily. Not only is he doing well on the internet, he is doing well in universities too, where his films are often recommended to students.


3. Osmosis

The Osmosis motto states that: ‘Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis!’ What is particularly striking about this channel is that it takes the viewer’s level of knowledge into account. Their videos on YouTube are aimed at mainstream audiences who want to know more about the medical world, psychology and public health.

They have a website for the real die-hards and professionals where subject matter is discussed in more detail. However, you will be able to find a lot of useful information on YouTube as well; every disorder, both physical and mental, has its own explanatory video. It may not be the best channel to watch if you have the inclination to be hypochondriac …. although they do have a film about that too.


4. Medcram

The Medcram channel offers medical lectures and is based on the principle that the viewer should learn as much as possible in as little time as possible. Complex topics are explained in a visual way and sufficient frameworks are provided so as to ensure that the information is complete. Medcram is primarily a tutor who puts the emphasis on what is most crucial from a clinical point of view.

The lectures are very diverse; from simple first aid to symptoms of common injuries. The channel is specifically intended for people working within the healthcare sector and who are in the process of receiving medical training. Nevertheless, because of its public character, everyone can join this virtual lecture hall.


5. The Medical Futurist

34-year-old Dr. Bertalan Mesko is a welcome guest at international conventions on healthcare. In fact, there are few channels in which a title so clearly discloses the content. Whereas the preceding channels mainly explain the practical element of healthcare, Mesko focuses on the future and casts his expert eye on new developments in the field where he gained his PhD.

The Medical Futurist takes the viewer into … the future. The future of medication, healthcare, diseases, treatments and technologies that are await us in the upcoming years. These developments are made concrete with clear examples and personal stories. Mesko believes that progress in healthcare lies predominately in novel and far-reaching applications of technology. That’s when it’s quite OK to think big.


Not yet done with learning? In that case, we have even more educational YouTube channels on offer. In the previous episodes of this series, technological innovation, entrepreneurship and mobility were key.