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Three wheels, a battery with a range of approximately 100 kilometers and two seats inside under a roof: the Carver, built in Leeuwarden. It is not a car, nor is it a scooter, nevertheless it brings the average commuter comfortably to their destination and back again on a daily basis. The first three cars were handed over to their new owners on Friday. According to the designers, the key special feature is the patented tilt technology, which automatically monitors your balance and stability on bends, slopes and bumps.

The first version of the Carver went bankrupt in 2009 after having problems with the supply of Toyota’s engines. A year later, the focus was on a new start. With one major difference: the petrol engine would have to be replaced by a battery-powered electric model. It took until 2017 before the next prototype met with the approval of the inventors. The Accell Group (known for the Batavus bicycle brand) stepped in, and in mid-2018 Leeuwarden was chosen as the definite assembly site for the concept developed in ‘s Gravendeel (near Dordrecht). And now the first three models have been delivered to first three users.

The first three Carvers with their owners, © Carver

Ït is “the starting signal for the rise of an affordable, sustainable and spectacular transport alternative for commuters and city dwellers” according to CEO Anton Rosier. To prove his point, in the near future he will be organizing “Carver Cafés” in various cities where visitors can experience the Carver for themselves. Test drives can be taken so that people can test how the Carver feels for themselves. The company itself is well aware of this: “Our 100% Dutch innovation combines the comfort and safety of a car with the ease and manoeuvrability of a scooter. The ultra-small, self-contained three-wheeler makes electric motoring accessible to everyone and offers a smart solution for avoiding daily traffic jams and parking problems.”

The roofed three-wheeler belongs to the scooter class, is 88 cm wide, 159 cm long and has a top speed of 45 km/hr. There is room for a driver, a passenger and luggage room that is the size of a crate of beer. More information about the Carver Cafés can be found on the company’s website.