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When my colleague Bart wrote last year that we would need a war to finally grasp the severity of the climate catastrophe, I found that remark rather over the top. I could understand that he wanted to make his point, but tobring a war into this was taking things a bit too far for me.

He has nevertheless been proved right recently. Internationally, everything is being done to get rid of Russian gas as soon as possible, and last week in the Netherlands, climate minister Jetten also recognized this. By the end of this year, the minister vowed, the Netherlands will finally be rid of Russian gas.

What I miss a bit in what Jetten has to say is precisely the kind of innovative means we will use to achieve this. Will abolishing gas become a festive occasion for D66 voters with their solar panels or for frackers in the United States? Possibly a bit of both. In any event, the good news is that for the first time ever, green electricity can be generated without subsidies..

All we have to do is try to keep the Germans away from our own Wadden Islands. Let them go on using nuclear energy and keep the brown coal power stations open for a little while longer, because our Wadden Sea is sacred to us. Right??

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Arjan Paans
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