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An email from Ukraine: the project that our parent company Media 52 has been working on for several months now have run into a few delays. Our developers are at work, but are combining this with their part-time jobs for the Ukrainian army.

It is beyond belief that we are communicating with a country that is at war and inquiring about the completion of a project. And yet that is the lifeline that we need to maintain. Because aside from being the granary of Europe, the country has long been a leading supplier for IT projects.

This week at the Syrian greengrocer in our neighborhood, I had a choice between Ukrainian walnuts and Iranian ones. World politics on a scale. I chose the Ukrainian ones because they had the whole nut, and somehow also out of a sense of solidarity.

War makes a lot of things much clearer. Who you want to belong to and who you do not. Where the future lies and what belongs to the past. Who you share your values with and what values you no longer want to share.

But apart from common values, people first have to be able to buy bread. Bread made from flour from a country where people are fighting for their survival. Buy that bread, buy that IT, and think even more carefully about the things you invest in.