FEV op de borden
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The originally Aachen-based engineering firm FEV has set up a branch in the Automotive Campus in Helmond. FEV’s focus on the automotive industry has been decisive, says director Edwin Kingma. “We are growing fast, which is reason enough to opt for a large office.” FEV Netherlands currently employs ten people. Worldwide, FEV Group has 6300 employees at more than 40 locations on four continents.

Kingma says that the expected success of his Dutch branch lies in “access to the know-how and network of one of the world’s largest automotive companies, combined with the power of local engineers.” Kingma knows both the German and Dutch automotive industries because he has worked on both sides of the border.

FEV Netherlands will focus on electric vehicles, intelligent software, commercial engine development and drive system development. These are all fields in which many Campus residents are already involved. “We made our first contacts before even opening the doors of the office. We expect a very fruitful time on the Automotive Campus.”

Lex Boon, Director of the Automotive Campus, is delighted with the move of FEV. “The FEV Group is a leading international player in the world of automotive technology and we are proud that they have chosen Helmond.”