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Sponsh, a TU/e-startup that produces a textile to extract water from the air, and Expivi, a startup that visualizes products for webshops in Eindhoven, have won two of the eight prizes at the 2018 Accenture Awards. Expivi won in the category “Living & Working”, Sponsh in “Nutrition”. According to Accenture, the winners are “the gamechangers of tomorrow”. A total of 8 winners were announced.

The jury about Sponsh:

“What is essential for both human nutrition and the value chain it supports? Our winner has a truly innovative product that mimics a natural process to support nature itself.¬† They have gold in their hands – either as a product or as a producer of the source of life”

The jury about Expivi:

“With a technologically advanced solution that is user-friendly and efficient. Our winner is a trend in the world of e-commerce, their scalability leads us to believe that they can not only ride the wave, but also create it”

Learn more about Sponsh.

Read more here about Expivi

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