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Usually the subjects that are produced for E52 are determined by the editors. But we don’t write the stories for ourselves, instead we write them for you. So we would like to ask the readers of E52: What would you like to know about EIndhoven? And we will start looking for answers.

You are free to ask us anything, as long as its suited for one of our three domains: innovation and the economy of innovation (how innovation is paid for).

For example, we could imagine you would like to know:

-How much of the land in Eindhoven is owned by Philips
-How many expats are currently living in Eindhoven
-Or how it was determined that High Tech Campus should be named ‘The Smartest Square Kilometre of the world’.

Feeling eager to know the answers to any of the questions above or did you already come up with a question of your own? Please let us know in the comments, or leave your suggestion via Twitter, Facebook or mail ([email protected]).