India, Portugal, The United States, Morocco or France, they come from all over the world. Expats who move to the Eindhoven region to come and work here. Eindhoven has a lot to offer to these new international employees. But the internationals also bring a lot to the city. They are important for the community of Eindhoven and that’s why E52 will release an Expat top-10, just like we did last year. Specially made to emphasize their importance in Eindhoven’s society.

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All about last year’s Expat top-10 here

Last year we were able to produce the Expat top-10 thanks to the collaboration with Rabobank, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Brainport Development, ASML, TU/e, Eindhoven365, and Holland Expat Center South. The top-10 was presented during the International Festival in Eindhoven. This year the event will be held on the 11th of June and the theme of the day will be: sports & leisure. Our top-10 will also have this theme. To be able to reach out to the most important part of the ranking, the candidates, we ask your help.

This way, Eindhoven can honor and respect the expats for everything the did for the city,

We don’t want to narrow ourselves down. So to get as many nominees from as many areas as possible we call out for you to help. Do you know a person who moved to the Netherlands, to work here for a longer period of time? And who has an outstanding importance for Eindhoven in sports & leisure? Then we would be delighted to receive your nomination before the 10th of May at [email protected]. Make sure you write down the name and a short motivation, why this international has to be present in this year’s Expat top-10. Perhaps because of an invention, a social initiative, a start-up or another reason why you consider this international to be essential for the list.

After we received all the nominated internationals, it’s up to our jury to pick the top-10 winners. After their presentation on the International Festival, E52 will publish a series of interviews with these appreciated expats. This way, Eindhoven can honor and respect them for everything the did for the city.


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