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All the important values of corona patients can be measured safely and quickly with the core device from Team Discover. The team, which brings together EIT Digital Master School students from all over Europe, is putting this system on the market. It is a device that allows nurses to monitor corona patients’ vital signs from a safe distance.

A prototype of the telemonitoring system has already been designed. This prototype measures important values of corona patients, namely: body temperature, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate. Nurses can read and monitor these values on an online medical platform. Patients’ progress can be tracked this way.

System operation

Project leader Peter Lakatos explains in the video that describes the system that a nurse takes five minutes to examine a patient using current methods. With these glasses, a nurse would be able to monitor one hundred patients in the same amount of time.

When wearing the glasses, patients are guided through with the use of light and speech. This makes the system easy to use. Nurses are able to remain at a safe distance when monitoring patients. This reduces the risk of infection substantially.

EIT Digital support

Innovation sponsor EIT Digital sought innovations in the fight against the coronavirus earlier this year. They received 87 responses to this appeal. Of these, nine were selected for support from EIT Digital. One of these selected candidates was Team Discover. Together with its partners, EIT Digital is supporting this project with an investment to the tune of €500,000.

The future

The team has six months to come up with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). This is the initial version of the product. Peter Lakatos mentions in the EIT Digital press release that the MVP will be tested in hospitals. “Our goal is to have our first clients by the end of this year and then roll out the product to more hospitals and governments across Europe.”