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Eindhoven-based hotel and catering entrepreneur Eveline Wu was named Ethnic Business Woman of the Year in Rotterdam on Saturday evening. Wu received the title during the Ethnic Business Woman Netherlands Award Gala in Hotel Wings in Rotterdam. It was the fourteenth edition of the EZVN Awards.

Wu is head chef and owner of the Eindhoven restaurants De Kreeftenbar, MOOD, Soho and Wynwood. At the age of fifteen, she moved from Shanghai to Eindhoven. Less than four years later, at the age of nineteen, she opened her first restaurant.

Wu is the former winner in E52’s expat top-10. Last year she also won an Eindhoven Business Award and a gold medal during the World Championship Chinese Cuisine.

During the EZVN Awards, successful businesswomen with an ethnic background are highlighted. Not only because of their performance but also to serve as a role model.

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