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I had mentioned here before that we have started a cool new journalism project. On Tuesday, after months of preparation, we finally launched it: Decarbonizing Europe, and with it, we zoom in on the hundreds of billions of euros that Europe is spending over the coming period to reduce CO₂ emissions and stop global warming.

It’s a mega project for a relatively small editorial team like ours. We are chronicling the sustainability plans of all the countries in the European Union that they have submitted to the European Commission and what has become of them. As was the case at the very beginning of the European Coal and Steel Community, Europe is facing an enormous challenge. After World War II, it was about building a peaceful and prosperous Europe (although it comprised only six countries then as opposed to 27 today). Now, at what is hopefully the end of the corona crisis, this challenge is at least as great. With the billions from the Corona Recovery Fund, Europe is being transformed into a more social, digital and sustainable continent. Hopefully, by meeting the greatest challenge in modern history, a new and much needed sense of commonality will emerge.

As an innovative person of the world, you are bound to have an idea for a country or project that we can visit. Therefore I hereby invite you to join me in thinking about it! Send an email with your idea and we will discuss it in our editorial meeting. We already have a sponsor 🙏🏻 and are looking for a few more. Of course, a personal donation to help make this independent journalism project possible is more than welcome!

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