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The Dutch company Technobis is to receive €7 million in order to expand the rollout of applications for sensors based on integrated photonics. Technobis wants to make photonic sensor systems and applications commercially appealing. They are hoping to manufacture these chips in a reliable manner and in large volumes. They are also planning to set up a manufacturing facility for this purpose.

[learn_more caption=”What is Photonics?”] Photonics is very similar to electronics, however, instead of electrons it uses light (photons) as its workforce. Photonics uses much less energy, it is faster and it offers a wealth of new possibilities. One of the key problems that photonics will help solve is the rapidly growing energy consumption of data centers. That’s because photonic microchips use a lot less energy than their electronic predecessors. Another example of applications for photonics is in a highly accurate monitoring system for aircraft wings, bridges or tall buildings. [/learn_more]

PhotonDelta, ABN AMRO and Active Capital Company (ACC) have secured this financing together. “With the support of these companies, Technobis is well placed in order to be able to scale up and commercialize our unique integrated photonic detection systems,” says Coen Michielsen, CFO of Technobis. The company’s newly appointed CEO, Daan Koppen de Neve, added: “We are convinced that the integrated photonic ecosystem will benefit from this investment. And we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation and this exciting journey with our partners.”

The Dutch public/private partnership PhotonDelta is backing the integrated photonic ecosystem with its recently announced €236 million in funding. Joachim de Sterke, CFO of PhotonDelta stated: “Commercialization is the only way to stimulate further growth towards a fully-fledged and robust industry of integrated photonics. And that is exactly what Technobis is doing.”