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Munich is the leader in Germany when it comes to electromobility, as most electric cars are registered here according to absolute figures. However, charging stations are still in short supply. To give the employees of the state capital an incentive to switch to electric cars and “make their contribution to air pollution control, climate protection and the turnaround in traffic in Munich”, the Munich CSU city council faction dares an unusual advance.

Charging stations should be set up as soon as possible at all government offices with sufficient parking spaces. In addition, the parliamentary group demands that both employees and “Munich citizens who do business with the authorities” should be able to recharge their private electric or hybrid vehicles free of charge on loading facilities made available for business purposes. Such a regulation is already anchored in the Bavarian Budget Act 2017/2018.

“Electric mobility makes an immensely important contribution to air pollution control in Munich. Munich is already the city with the most electric vehicles. We want to and must continue to promote this trend,” says faction leader Manuel Pretzl and thinks, “The state capital Munich should set a good example; the Free State of Bavaria has created the conditions for this. The charging infrastructure should be expanded as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. Visitors to the city authorities can also benefit from this, and in any case, we can all breathe a sigh of relief thanks to electromobility”.

CSU Muenchen
CSU München

By the end of 2017, the state capital of Munich had already purchased around 100 electric vehicles, and another 250 are to be added by 2023, but an increasing number of Munich residents are also driving privately with electric drives. In the coming years, the number of electric cars on the roads is expected to increase further, which is why the Munich City Council CSU wants a charging infrastructure to be set up as quickly as possible.

“Employees of the City of Munich and fellow citizens who have to go to the authorities should be able to recharge their electric vehicles free of charge in the car parks of the offices,” explains City Councillor Sebastian Schall. “If the state capital Munich offers an appropriate charging infrastructure, this will ultimately have a signal effect. For the people of Munich and the employees of the City of Munich, the implementation would certainly be very attractive.” And a visit to the authorities could become real fun…

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