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The High Tech Plaza, which is the start-up hub of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, is extending the support which it provides to high-tech start-ups. Having expanded its network across three buildings during the course of last year – “one to start, one to scale, and one to get support” – it has now launched a Support Series for those in its ecosystem, one-on-one coaching for start-ups and an app.

“The Support Series is an open platform in which we offer workshops and training for the whole High Tech Plaza ecosystem. We launched the series in January and will be hosting one or two workshops per month. The idea is that we provide support and knowledge to companies – and this is open to anyone who wishes to join, and not just to those based at the High Tech Campus”, says Karina Garcia del Real, Community Manager for the High Tech Plaza.

The workshops are held at HTC Building 27, which is the space allocated for start-up support – and which also houses the HighTechXL accelerator. Marijn van der Poll this week presented a workshop in the Support Series, devoted to conceptual thinking and ideation.

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“The High Tech Plaza started with only one building. But we then saw the need for more space because, as startups grow, they have more team members. Out of that need of providing startups with space, we decided to develop a true ecosystem, a meeting space, which facilitates interaction, where members of the ecosystem can drink coffee, or have a lecture on something. We offer a diverse programme, including workshops on the newest technologies such as blockchain, AI, robots, and so on. The support is not just for start-ups, but also for people who want to start their own businesses”, says Garcia del Real.

“So, our concept is that start-ups will get support from us and will then scale up. It is a cycle.”

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This week also sees the launch of one-on-one coaching, during Friday Open Office Hours. Every second Friday, those in the ecosystem can meet with lawyers from LXA The Law Firm to discuss legal matters relating to their business. On the alternating Fridays, Hans Helsloot from the RVO will be available to help with the process of patent testing. “This is about working on ideas, and checking if they are worth pursuing, or if they are truly something new. So, it is aimed at those who are at the beginning of the ideation stage.”

The Dinks, Pitches & Demos initiative is another feature of the High Tech Plaza ecosystem, and was launched at the beginning of 2016. It gathers start-ups, scale-ups, mentors, investors and partners on the first Wednesday of each month. According to Garcia del Real, “it is an energetic, open platform where participants can utilise the power of the crowd to share a brilliant idea, look for the solution to a challenging problem or stay informed on breakthrough technologies”.

Drinks, Pitches & Demos at the High Tech Plaza
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The High Tech Plaza describes itself as “the biggest and most dedicated place to start, accelerate and scale high-tech start-ups in the Netherlands”. It places high value on open collaboration, viewing it as “the only way forward”, and says that in its ecosystem “value is created in non-traditional, globally connected networks”.

Events hosted by the High Tech Plaza are listed on the calendar page of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.