The newly opened Eindhoven Gourmet Center, a catering facility located in the heart of the city, is already looking for further growth. “There’s always a need to get more chefs”, the head of the Eindhoven Gourmet Center Hans Snoeijens said. “New cuisines are welcome, and we are still looking at different ways to make the center attractive to the large number of internationals in Eindhoven. We knew when we built the Eindhoven Gourmet Center that there was a need for something like this, but we were surprised with how extensive that need has been.”

Customers have a wide range of international cuisines to choose from and the venue provides an open seating area, partly situated in an outdoor space. Some few weeks since its opening, the center has become an integral part of the gourmet scene in Eindhoven. Snoeijens: “We have customers from literally around the world and we hope to make good use of the large number of expats in Eindhoven.”

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Snoeijens said he realized about two years ago that there was a huge need to open a gourmet center in Eindhoven. “With our partners we have since been able to enhance the center by working with different grocery business, food service, chefs and everyone in between.”


The open kitchen concept at the center allows chefs to exhibit food as an art. The center prepares everything from Italian pasta, Chilean Empanadas pie, Afghan street food, Turkish and Indian specialties, Italian, Spanish and Indonesian food, Dutch bitterballs and potatoes to Japanese sushi and sashimi. The interior of the center is large and open, with many windows and open pipes in the ceiling which gives the venue a historic feel and its flooring, simple lighting and ultra-modern kitchen keep the place very contemporary.

Chilean entrepreneur Paola Almonte is happy to be part of the Food Court. “My experience in The Netherlands has taught me that there is a section of the Dutch consumer public that loves Chilean cuisine. This has prompted me to open my kitchen at the Gourmet Center. I can say that my knowledge of processing Chilean food is simply my expertise. I use ingredients that offer a wide range of flavors and we do not only offer meat pie. We also have different Chilean dishes like a shellfish soup with different kinds of cooked fish and seasoned with herbs.”

Visitors are numerous since the first day the Court was open, and most of them have returned after their first visit, wanting to try as many of the different dishes as they can. Bernie Chelleham from Ireland is one of them: “My friend and I found this nice place about two weeks ago and have never gone anywhere else again since. The quality of food and taste is out of this world. The workers are so mild mannered and really friendly.”

The market is open 6 days a week (Tuesday-Sunday) from 12 to 12

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