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About Brain Enterprise B.V.

  • Founders: J. Hardeman and G. Bruijsten
  • Founded in: 2019
  • Employees: 7
  • Money raised: 260.000 euro
  • Ultimate goal: Giving people insight into the source of their behavior through an EEG assessment.

Guus Bruijsten, the founder of 51Hz, promises to give people insight into their cognitive fitness in just five minutes. Following years and years of taking measurements, the company has been in business since 2020. At home in his Nijmegen city apartment, Guus Bruijsten talks to us about his brainchild 51Hz.

How did you come up with this idea for an EEG scan that measures cognitive fitness?

“I’ve always been fascinated by the human psyche. Why do we do things? Is this innate or learned? Around 2009, I discovered the benefits of neurofeedback, and I started to delve deeper into it. A technique that, in my opinion, can work complementary to what is discussed in a treatment room. I purchased my own equipment and started testing everyone around me and analyzing the results in order to gain a better awareness of how neurotechnology works. About ten years ago, health insurance companies made the decision to remove neurotechnology from their packages. This created a gap that I want to fill.”

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How does 51hz go about that ? 

“We use existing EEG scan equipment to analyze the frontal cortex. The data that the EEG scan collects is translated into a clear report using artificial intelligence. That explains thought patterns, emotions, energy levels and behavioral traits. The different frequencies emitted by the brain can tell us if you’re bordering on burnout, but also if there are (old) traumas and even if someone might be on the autism spectrum disorder.”

Why would someone choose to take such a test instead of going to therapy?

“The advantage of this kind of scan is that you have a clear idea of what is ‘wrong’ much more quickly than you would have in therapy. This enables you to look in a more targeted way at what you need. What tools you can use to regain control of your life. Many of the things we do are learned, either by our own brain or from the people around us. When someone has done a test with us, we will always discuss with them how we can help them from there. We have several analysts who help put the results into context.”

Are you already performing these scans? 

“Yes, we have already conducted several tests now that have had positive results. There are also companies who refer their employees to us if they suspect that an employee is not doing well. Although the information is encrypted and only shared with the employee. This is a question of ethics and we are still working on it. It’s great that companies already know how to find us. But we also need to make sure that companies don’t start using us to have a reason to fire employees. This, in addition to convincing universities and hospitals to do pilots with us, is something we are still trying to sort out. We have to keep developing further, especially in today’s society with all the ethical discussions about privacy.”

How do you envisage the future for 51hz?

“You could call it a god complex, but I like to help people. 51Hz is my brainchild, so I will carry on until it’s my time to go. In the near future, we are going to expand the business to the consumer market, and in March we want to go business to business. We do need to keep developing the product and get it revalidated. My team and I really believe in our product and hope that others will believe in it too.”